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Mallika at Young Victoria Premiere

Mallika Sherawat attened "Young Victoria" premiere.
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Mallika at Young Victoria Premiere

Mallika performs at CEAT cricket awards

This year, the awards night combined two factors that affect the Indian psyche – cricket and films. Bollywood hottie Mallika Sherawat stole the thunder with a virtuoso belly dance in this evening of ‘Cricketainment’ at Taj Mahal Hotel and Towers.

Mallika performs at CEAT cricket awards

Mallika attends AFI Fest 2009

MALLIKA SHERAWAT Attends The AFI Fest 2009 Gala Screening Of " The Road" Held At The Grauman's Chinese Theatre In Hollywood, California On November 4.

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Mallika Sherawat at AFI Festival

Mallika Sherawat arrives to the AFI Fest 2009 Closing Night Gala screening of A Single Man at Grauman's Chinese Theater in Hollywood Thursday evening

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Mallika Sherawat at AFI Fest Closing Night Gala

Mallika meets Hrithik in LA

At famed Hollywood celebrity eatery Mr Chows on the night before Halloween, known across the US as “mischief night” - legendary music mogul and “CEO of Hip-Hop” Russell Simmons hosted a private dinner for Indian star Mallika Sherawat, where guests included top Hollywood director Brett Ratner (Rush Hour), urban-American film and TV pioneer Stan Lathan, the producers of Mallika’s upcoming film Hisss, as well as Bollywood hero Hrithik Roshan and his father, Bollywood producer Rakesh.

Gossip mavens surmise that both Mr Ratner and Mr Simmons were vying for the affections of Miss Sherawat all evening, even though the two powerful American men are known to be very good friends for the past 20 years. Rumor also has it that handsome heartthrob Hrithik took the culinary opportunity to playfully chide Miss Sherawat about her eating habits, a running joke between the two Bollywood heavyweights. Seems “her majesty” will only eat raw vegan, prompting observers to comment that she consumes like a bird or gazelle.

The evening took an intense turn when the group exited the venue, as herds of paparazzi swarmed the scene to capture photos and video of the event, one of the more high-profile “Bollywood-meets-Hollywood” soirees in recent memory.

Shouts of “Mallika! Mallika!” were heard constantly as the star and her posse got in their limousine to flee the scene.

Mallika in LA supporting Kristof's charity

Donning a pretty-in-pink dress by Max Azria (BCBG), Mallika Sherawat made her triumphant return to Los Angeles on Tuesday night in charitable fashion along with Oscar winner Marisa Tomei, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie to support American Pulitzer Prize winning NY Times journalist Nicholas Kristof’s charity CARE at LA’s Pacific Design Centre.

Mallika said, “Nicholas Kristof is a world treasure. The work he’s done around the globe in support of women’s rights and those-in-need is an incredible inspiration to me.”

Mr. Kristof and Mallika were overheard discussing working together for one of his charitable associations in India, as well as the feature film production based on his new book, “Half the Sky”. Mallika was also seen bonding with Oscar-winning American actress Marisa Tomei, who, upon hearing of Mallika’s extended stay in Los Angeles, told the Indian star, “You’re going to do very well here.”

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Mallika in LA supporting Kristof's charity

Mallika attends UNICEF Charity Event

Ever since Mallika Sherawat was awarded honourary citizenship by the city of Los Angeles, the stunner was spotted at various events in the city.

Most recently she was spotted at a UNICEF charity event held at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel in Los Angeles.

Mallika wore a yellow gown designed by Max Azria of fashion house BCBG.

After hearing from her fans on social networking site Twitter of their wishes to see her in a colourful outfit after being photographed in a series of black designer dresses, Mallika wowed her fans with an elegant yellow dress by Max Azria.

Also in attendance and seen mingling with the Bollywood star were legendary English actor Michael York, host of the event, actor Billy Zane of Titanic fame.

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Mallika attends UNICEF charity event

Mallika attends "Bright Star" Premiere

Mallika Sherawat attened "Bright Star" premiere.
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Mallika attends Jane Campion's BRIGHT STAR premiere

Mallika meets up Hip Hop Star Russel Simmons

All eyes were on Bollywood bombshell Mallika Sherawat, who had a front seat to New York Fashion Week’s hottest shows and parties. Sherawat shared the spotlight with other celebrity guests at the BCBG Max Azria Spring 2010 show, and hit up Swagg Media’s Persona Magazine launch with hip-hop mogul Russell Simmons.

The two hit the dance floor, where Sherawat’s hip-hop dance skills (something she’s been working on for her next movie, whose soundtrack combines hip-hop with Indian influences) impressed him along with several others. It wasn’t all partying, though. Sherawat and Simmons talked about bringing his Hip-Hop Summit Action Network, which takes the cultural relevance of hip-hop and uses it to drive movements in education and other concerns of the youth, to India. Simmons later said, on Twitter, “Met the most famous sex symbol/actress in India, Mallika.”

Craig Nobles, head of Swagg Media, is the music director for Sherawat’s latest venture, in which she plays a character inspired in part by San Francisco Attorney General Kamala Harris, called “the female Barack Obama” by David Letterman, one of the Oprah Winfrey Show’s “Most Powerful Women in America,” and one of The New York Times’ “most likely women to become the first female President of the United States.” Fans can also find Sherawat in her upcoming release, Hiss, costarring Irrfan Khan of Slumdog Millionaire. Directed by American filmmaker Jennifer Lynch, the project is the first from Bollywood to be represented by a major Hollywood agency (William Morris Endeavor).

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Mallika Sherawat at SwaggMedia’s Persona Magazine Launch Party

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Mallika: Front Row At Fashion Week

BCBG Max Azria kicked off Fashion Week with an eclectic front row including Leigh Lezark, Lynn Collins and Indian actress Mallika Sherawat.

Minutes after walking out of New York Fashion Week hand-in-hand with designer Max Azria, Mallika Sherawat told DNA from NY that the famed designer will be crafting her outfits.

For the uninitiated, Max's fashion house BCBG MaxAzria is considered one of the most sough-after fashion houses in the world and his various labels are patronized by top Hollywood actresses like Angelina Jolie

"It was lovely meeting Max at the New York Fashion Week. It was him who had invited me. He paid me so many compliments and then said that he wants to design for me," says Mallika.

But apart from designing for her, Max is also keen to induct her as the Indian face of his fashion house. Sources revealed that Max has asked Mallika to walk the ramp for him for his upcoming show in Paris which the actress has readily accepted and has instructed her agents to work out the dates.

Confirms Mallika, "It will be an honour for me to represent such a talented designer who has dressed all the top Hollywood stars. Regarding walking the ramp for him, it's still a work in progress." Mallika and Max are set to have a meeting about the deal which might also see Mallika in print ads for the fashion house which would be published in leading fashion magazines.

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Mallika at Newyork Fashion Week

Mallika attends Inglorious Basterds Premiere

Mallika Sherawat weared a scandalous dress for the premiere of Quentin Tarantino’s film Inglourious Basterds. The hot lady from Bollywood grabbed many eyeballs with her superhot black dress that appeared scissored off from her mid-riff to her thighs. And the Hisss Highness’s modesty was covered by what appeared to be black knickers underneath the velvety dress.
Mallika apparently had trouble deciding what to wear to the premiere. On the morning of the premiere, she wrote on her Twitter page: “What shud I wear 2 the Tarantino premiere 2nite? Wud sssomething ssscandalous B appropriate?”
Expectedly, she chose a scandalous dress and later even felt that she had gone too far with the outfit.
“Hangin out in th limo on th way2 th Inglourious Basterds premiere. Wait til all u Tweeps c the dress I’m wearing! I thnk I went2far ths tym!” she later tweeted

Mallika at Inglorious Basterds Premiere

‘Jai Ho Los Angeles’: Mallika Honorary Citizen of LA

LOS ANGELES — Flanked by city councilmen Tom LaBonge and Jose Huizar, Bollywood actress Mallika Sherawat was made an honorary citizen of Los Angeles during ceremonies Aug. 14 in the Los Angeles city council chamber here.

Calling her the “original Bollywood bombshell” who has taken “the world by storm,” and the first actress from the Indian film industry to be honored as such by the city, Huizar declared that Sherawat was being recognized for her “extraordinary career and her charitable efforts.”

LaBonge weighed in by proclaiming that Sherawat “is going to make people a better life, not only as an actor but as a humanitarian.”

Later, during the official photo session with composer Yanni, who has invited Sherawat to participate on his next album in India, LaBonge gave Sherawat his card in case “you have an problems on Second Street, Third Street or Fourth Street,” he quipped.

Upon accepting the award, Sherawat noted that the day for her was an “auspicious occasion” since it was the eve of India Independence Day, and expressed the hope that the “friendship between India and the United States continue as well as the collaboration between Hollywood and Bollywood in creating great art and cinema for everyone throughout the world.”

She concluded her brief speech by “dedicating this award to the millions of NRIs who came here before me, and this is how I hope to follow in your footsteps,” she said, adding that she plans to make Los Angeles her new home.

Given that “Jai Ho” has become the signature catchphrase from the Oscar winning film “Slumdog Millionaire,” “I will say ‘Jai Ho’ Los Angeles!” Sherawat said.

Now that she has become an honorary citizen of Los Angeles, India-West asked if she has any plans of officially becoming an American citizen.

“I think it’s on the way right now,” Sherawat replied. “Los Angeles is my home now, and I feel thankful and grateful for this acknowledgement. I’m really lucky. I must have done something right.”

Friday, August 7, 2009

Mallika as "Female Barack Obama"

Mallika has signed a film titled “Female Barack Obama” in which she will be playing a character inspired by San Francisco Attorney General Kamala Harris, known as the “Female Barack Obama” and one of the New York Times’ “most likely women to become the first female President of the United States”.

Harris has Indian and Jamaican ancestry and is the first female district attorney in California. She is now a candidate for the position of attorney general of California for 2010 and has a huge following.

Mallika will begin work on “Female Barack Obama” in October, and considering how popular Harris is, the film, and Mallika, are bound to get a lot of publicity.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Mallika Sherawat Twitter’s Bollywood Ambassador

SAN FRANCISCO — Mallika Sherawat pulled up to the headquarters of Twitter in a long, black limo, poked her head out of the sunroof and exclaimed, “I’m finally at the Twitter office! How exciting!”

The Bollywood star — whose relentless media exposure seemingly rivals that of Twitter — met fans and chatted with Twitter employees July 14. Twirling a bright blue Chinese parasol in her manicured fingers, Sherawat became the latest celebrity to drop by the Internet phenomenon’s South of Market district office. She is also the first Asian celebrity to get the honor, she said.

“I first got introduced to Twitter during the Mumbai terror attacks last year,” Sherawat told India-West, seated with this reporter inside her limo for a quick one-on-one interview. “When I came to Los Angeles for the post-production of my film ‘Hisss,’ I was missing my fans and that was the hardest part of being in the U.S. I was now able to get in touch with my fans, and that is how I got hooked on Twitter.

“The other thing that I find interesting is with that lots of actors and actresses, our personal life is on the radar. But with Twitter, there’s no fear of being misquoted because it’s all there on record.”

Sherawat has over 6,800 followers tracking her posts as @MallikaLA — twice the number that Aamir Khan has, though not as many as Shah Rukh Khan. “I follow a lot of tweets,” she said, “like MTV and Aamir Khan.”

“I’m really blessed because they’re crediting me for bringing Twitter to India,” said Sherawat.

“India is number five on my list of followers. India is pretty new as far as Twitter is concerned, though the fan base is increasing rapidly as more and more people become aware of it.” News reports state that the site is in the Top 15 Web sites in India, where many users tweet about cricket and movies.

“Hisss” is a modern take on the nagin (snake) legend. Directed by Jennifer Lynch and produced by Govind Menon, the horror-drama will screen for distributors at the American Film Market in Los Angeles in November and will have its premiere at the 2010 Sundance film festival, said Menon.

“From the kissing queen of Bollywood to the Tweeting queen of Hollywood,” quipped Sherawat.

Sherawat is also at work on a new American film in which she will play a character based on Kamala Devi Harris, San Francisco’s Attorney General. Harris’s mother is from India and her father is African American.

“My character, Aretha Gupta, is inspired in part by Kamala Harris,” Sherawat told India-West.” I’m going to be shadowing her and following her, and spending a lot of time with her. Beyond that I am not supposed to say anything more.”

The petite actress, who wore a tight, gray knit dress from Anita Dongre, sheer black stockings, and heels to the Twitter office, says she keeps her looks in top shape by being adamant about clean living.

“I’m totally a vegan and a lot into raw foods. I don’t smoke, I don’t drink, and I do a lot of yoga,” Sherawat told India-West. “I trained with Baba Ramdev and other masters. There’s not one thing I stick to — sometimes I do hatha yoga, sometimes Iyengar, sometimes what Baba Ramdev taught me, sometimes [Sri Sri Ravi Shankar’s] Kriya yoga. A lot of pranayam, and sticking to a vegetarian diet, and leading a very disciplined life is the secret — I go to bed by 9:30 and I wake up by 5:30.”

“Hisss” producer Govind Menon was also on hand at the event to crack a coconut at the office entrance. “This is for the success of Twitter, for the success of ‘Hisss,’ and for the success of all of you here,” said Sherawat.

Sherawat signed autographs for a couple of dozen fans who had congregated outside Twitter’s office on Bryant Street.

“We really like her,” said Ekta Lodhia, 14, and Jashwi Lodhia, 15, of Sacramento. The girls’ favorite Sherawat film is “Welcome.”

Husain Sumra, 22, of Belmont, Calif., said he appreciates the way Sherawat communicates with her fans. “I’ve met Amitabh Bachchan, Abhishek Bachchan and Aishwarya Rai at a show, but meeting her here seems more personal.”

“I’m a fan, but I also work here in the building,” said Honal Shah, who cited “Murder” as his favorite Sherawat film. “I just hope she’s not going to tweet that she’s getting married.”

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Hollywood music duo hot on Mallika Sherawat

Seems like Hollywood is absolutely smitten by Bollywood's hottest diva Mallika Sherawat! Hollywood music industry's legendary multiple Oscar and Grammy music producer Ric Wake and world famous New Age composer Yanni, have asked the Bollywood sensation Mallika to participate in an upcoming special concert, which will be heralded as a triumphant return to India. Yanni was, and still is, hailed as the only artist to ever stage a concert performance at India's most famous and fabled landmark, the Taj Mahal. While having dinner at the famed LA eatery the Ivy with producers of her first American-Indo film HISSS, Mallika met Ric Wake, record producer of Celine Dion, Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey, Jennifer Lopez, Diana Ross, and Yanni, who talked about working together on various projects with the dynamic duo.

Hollywood TV reports that Mallika may be attending Yanni's concert in LA and is in talks with Ric Wake and Yanni for their up and coming trip to India. According to close sources Mallika might be doing a snake goddess dance from HISSS.



Yanni dedicates song to Mallika Sherawat

For the first time in his long career, world famous composer Yanni dedicated his song "Changes" at his sold out Los Angeles concert 'Yanni Voices' To Bollywood's own sexy diva Mallika Sherawat!

As it was reported just days ago (and as Mallika has been commenting about on her Twitter page @MallikaLA), Mallika met Oscar and Grammy winner Ric Wake and New Age maestro Yanni at famed LA eatery, The Ivy, while having dinner with the producers of her upcoming and highly anticipated film HISSS, which Mallika describes as the world's first "female empowerment superhero snake goddess horror film."

"I haven't been to a concert in a long time, but who could resist such a monumental honour," Mallika was quoted as saying by an inside source. "The show was incredible. Yanni is a genuine artist."

At the concert, during a jumbo video screen sequence of images from Yanni's legendary performance at India's Taj Mahal, Yanni took to the mic and made an impressive dedication to the star, in front of over 7,000 fans, saying, "This song is for Mallika Sherawat. One of a kind."

Sheeraz Hasan founder of Hollywood.TV who has the inside tip on the Celebrity social scene with his media empire, says, "Since Mallika came to Los Angeles, she's been quite a sensation. This kind of attention hasn't been seen for a long time in Hollywood. Grown men have become boys around Mallika. Established, well-to-do industry players have become desperate to spend time with her. She's the new "It Girl" in town."

Mallika is in Hollywood during the post-production of HISSS, the first Bollywood film to be represented by a top Hollywood talent agency (WME) and according to her @MallikaLA Twitter page, has just signed another American film for the end of summer.

Mr. Hasan also reveals that Mallika's nickname around the office is "Her Majesty."


Monday, June 15, 2009

Mallika Leading Royal Life in Hollywood

Mallika Sherawat [^] has rented a penthouse apartment at one of the swankiest locations in Beverly Hills — The Palazzo in Park LaBrea. When asked about her new address in an affluent neigbourhood, she smiles, "It's very expensive. In fact, most of my earnings are going to go into paying the rent at The Palazzo but I couldn't have it any other way. It's a beautiful place. It's next to Rodeo Drive — one of the shopping havens of the world and between Beverly Hills and Hollywood."
Buzz up!
Mallika's two-story penthouse has a city view, arched windows, city views, controlled elevator access (only she can use it to get to her penthouse), large private terraces and a personal swimming pool (5500 sq feet in area) with two levels — a drawing, dining and kitchen below withtwo bedrooms above. And Roman soaking tubs. It even has an original Picasso painting left behind by the penthouse owner.

Residents of the building are pampered all year round with resort style amenities such as a world-class health spa and club, yoga centre, a state-of-the-art fitness center, a full service concierge, a businesscenter, and 50,000 sq ft of ground floor retail. Mallika says, "I needed to rent a comfortable yet beautiful apartment in LA as I will be flying up and down from India quite often till September and need a pad of my own."

Mallika is a vegan, and she does not know how to cook but she isn't worried, as LA offers some of the best vegan and raw food joints in the country. Mallika has transport too at her service — a ritzy cream-coloured Jaguar. She drives it herself or has a chauffeur on call. And her brother Vikram Singh (co-producer of Mallika's next film Hissss [^]) is not too far away. When he visits LA for the post-production of Hissss, he stays at the Beverly Wiltshire. While the sister chooses to drive her Jaguar, Vikram [^] loves driving around his white Beamer S6.

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Exclusive: Mallika on Dus Ka Dum

Mallika sizzles on JDJ Finals

Mallika chose pretty over sexy for this appearance. Dressed in a short ocher dress, she showed us the moves she's got.

It wasn't just dance, there was more. When asked to choose her favorite, Mallika walked straight up to Karan Grover but handed over a bouquet of roses to Baichung Bhutia! 

Mallika Charges 50Lakh for Dus Ka Dum

While celebrities are lining up to appear on 10 Ka Dum hosted by Salman Khan [^], Mallika Sherawat has walked down the route less taken and has insisted she will make and appearance only if she's paid a cool Rs 50 lakh and she has got it too! 

"Sony was very eager to have Mallika on their show. This time, Mallika was agreeable as she and Salman were on very friendly terms. But Mallika insisted that she would come only if she was paid a certain sum. She will also be talking about her next release, Hissss, which is being directed by Hollywood director Jennifer Lynch. Now that the money issue has been sorted out, Mallika will be shooting for 10 Ka Dum on May 24."

Mallika is a pure soul

Calling Mallika Sherawat "a pure soul", Shreemad Jagadguru Shree Shree Raghaveshwara Bharathi Swamiji, the 36th and present pontiff of Shree Ramachandrapura Math, made a special invitation to Mallika Sherawat to visit his new ashram in Karnataka and organized a number of special pujas in her honour.

The Shankaracharya brought a number of high priests from Kerala and Mangalore for the special occasion, which included Miss Sherawat breaking ground for the pontiff's Hanuman project at the cave, where, Shankaracharya said, Lord Hanuman was born. Sherawat also initiated a new Hanuman temple on the site, where the largest Hanuman monument, over 15 stories, will be built.

Mallika received the Shankaracharya's invitation while she was in Los Angeles for the post-production of her new film Hisss. She made the trip back to India especially for the occasion, which included extensive pujas with 600 lotus flowers.

Sherawat returned the sentiment by inviting Shankaracharya to the United States during her stay there. If the pontiff accepts her invitation to visit the U.S., it would be the first time in history a Shankaracharya travels to America.

Sherawat said, "After having spent most of my time recently in the U.S., it was a great honour for me to make a special trip back to India to meet the Shankaracharya. In a very special way it reconnected me to my Hindu roots. The experience was truly one of the best of my life and one I will never forget."

What Mallika Wrote on Twitter:

  1. i was a lil nervous in the meeting, made a few jokes-- and the pope actually blushed:)
  2. WOW! now I get a private audience with the hindu pope!
  3. OMG. The hindu pope took me to the cave where lord hanuman was born!
  4. The hindu pope organized a grand ritual for me with over 600 lotus flowers&20 high priests, chanting mantras nonstop for 2 days.
  5. I spent time with the pope of the hindus the past few days. One of the best experiences of my life! He called me a pure soul:)

Mallika at elite luncheon hosted by the Mayor of LA

Mallika attends Informers Premiere

Premiere Of Senator Entertainments The Informers - Arrivals

Mallika Launches her own Milkshake

Watch Video

Mallika honoured in New Jersey

She was recently honoured for her work in the field of arts by Mayor Jerramiah T Healy of Jersey City, New Jersey.

She is now Team Jersey City's Arts Honree for this year.

Saturday, May 30, 2009


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