Sunday, August 31, 2008

Mallika Sherawat's Dream Hut

In our childhood, we have all made sand castles and played household games where we pretended to cook food items using leaves and flowers. But as we grow up, our dreams also become bigger in terms of bigger houses, cars and careers.

Now in this era of “bigger is better”, can you imagine an actress who loves to live in a hut? The question may look childish and crazy, but the fact is that a hut is being built for a hot and happening actress in Bollywood at Vizhinjam near well-known Kovalam beach in Kerala. She is none other than sex doll Mallika Sherawat!

Although the exact location of the hut is not revealed, reports indicate that the hut is coming up on a small hilltop and one has to reach the place on foot. "There is no road for cars. This is a one hall and one bedroom hut built with mud. It overlooks the majestic Arabian Sea near Vizhinjam," G. Shankar, chief of Habitat Technology Group who is working on the hut, revealed.

The roof of the hut would be finalized once Mallika arrives concurs. Most probably, it would be made of bamboo and tiles. Mallika is expected to arrive here in the next few days and give the final approval to complete her home, he added. The hut will be ready in two months.

The builders have taken abundant caution with the design according to the coastal zone regulation rules which prohibit all permanent constructions within a prescribed distance from the sea. Why did the actress choose to build such a small shelter near the beach? Will it become another crazy trend among stars? If so, it will surely boost our tourism economy to a certain extent!


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