Sunday, February 17, 2008

Mallika to act in film on Christ

Mallika Sherawat is to play the role of Jesus Christ's confidante in an American film called The Aquarian Gospel. The Australian-born Drew Heriot, director of the docu-feature, The Secret (2006), which sold the largest number of DVDs in the USA that year, is helming the film.

The Bible is silent on Christ's life between 13 and 30, and down the centuries, many theories have been constructed about what he did in these years. Among the more popular beliefs is that Christ visited Kashmir. Heriot's film chronicles Jesus's journey from Israel as a young boy, through India, Tibet, Persia, Greece and Egypt.

In the movie, he encounters people of all creeds and meets sages from different faiths. Sherawat will play Saraswati, one of Yeshua's (Jesus) loyal friends whom he bonds with while he travels through India.

The actress, who has broken taboos in the Indian film industry with bold movies such as Khwaish and Murder, feels The Aquarian Gospel also breaks a different kind of taboo by discussing the "lost years" of Jesus. Saraswati is a celibate ‘yogini' (brahmacharini)—a nice contrast for an actress known as Bollywood's Bardot.

Heriot said, "Mallika is not just a pretty face, she is versatile, has a background in philosophy, so she will convey the richness of the subject matter."

"I find that in most mythological and spiritual film stories, women seem to be lacking in any true wisdom or a sense of humour," said Sherawat. "I look forward to bringing both these qualities to this character."

The script is written by John F Sullivan and William Sees Keenan, who were inspired by two books: the best-selling book The Unknown Life of Jesus Christ, which was written by Russian anthropologist Nicholas Notovich, whose journey to Tibet uncovered ancient scrolls describing the missing years of the life of Jesus, and The Aquarian Gospel of Jesus the Christ by evangelist Levi Dowling.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Mallika attends Baba Ramdev yoga camp

Mallika Sherawat turned up bright and early to learn the healthy way of living. The actress accompanied by her brother turned up at 5am at the Baba Ramdev yoga camp.

"I've always wanted to learn pranayams from Baba Ramdev and now this wish has come true,” says Mallika.

And if you were wondering why Mallika wanted to learn pranayams in the first place, Baba Ramdev has a pat reply to that question.

“Mallika said that she would learn about mind and the soul later. However, she wanted to learn yoga to improve her body and get the glow on her skin. And even if she's learning yoga with that intention, it’s still great,” says Baba Ramdev

Watch Video here

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Mallika ranked 67th in Most Desirable woman

Askmen says:

Why She's No.67?

We can’t help but admire Mallika Sherawat’s dedication and perseverance, and there’s little doubt that her hard work is paying off -- not many Bollywood actresses can say they’ve costarred alongside someone as world-renowned as Jackie Chan. In 2007, Mallika Sherawat wowed her fans with performances in Guru, Aap Kaa Surroor: The Moviee - The Real Luv Story and Welcome. She is a legend in her home country of India, and judging by her upcoming roles in 2008's Ugly Aur Pagli and Fun in the Army, there are only more good things to come for this beauty.

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Sunday, February 3, 2008


WILL YOU BE MINE? Mallika Sherawat and Rahul Bose in Maan Gaye Mughall E Azam

Sherawat greeted people with salutes on the sets of Maan Gaye Mughall E Azam in her Anarkali get-up

Mallika Sherawat got so much into the skin of the character for her film Maan Gaye Mughall E Azam (MGMEA), that she started acting like Anarkali. Says a unit member, “Mallika plays a starlet and part of a theatre group in MGMEA. In one of the plays the group stages, she plays Anarkali.

After some time Mallika got so much into her character that she started greeting the cast members with a special ‘aadab’ like Anarkali, instead of the usual ‘hi’ or ‘hello’.

She also performed elaborate kathak steps for no rhyme or reason. It was funny to see her actually behaving like Anarkali!”

Director Sanjay Chel confirms Mallika’s little antics. “This was Mallika’s way of creating a fun atmosphere on the sets,” he justifies. “There were times when I would get stressed handling 18 actors on the sets and this was her way of diluting the grim atmosphere by bringing positive energy into it. She would salute all of us in Anarkali style and do some dance steps.”

Sanjay is all praise for Mallika, “I am in love with her! Her hunger for acting and eagerness to experiment and try new things is amazing. She’s also the most hassle-free actress I have worked with she’s always on time, attends every rehearsal and is totally undemanding. While Mallika is a spontaneous actress, Rahul Bose is methodical and disciplined and that generates lots of chemistry between them.”

Style file

Mallika’s look and styling in the film has been designed by Ashley Rebello and Anita Dongre.
The actress will also do a take-off on the Mughal-E-Azam song, informs producer Ratan Jain. “MGMEA is almost complete with only two songs remain to be shot. In the film Mallika will be seen in a whacky, sizzling hot number which is a kind of take-off on the song Pyar Kiya Toh Darna Kya. The song is yet to be shot.”


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