Saturday, September 29, 2007

Mallika for a cause

It was a day to spread some cheer and some roses. Actresses Mallika Sherawat and Tara Sharma decided to get in touch with not just their craft skills, but also their inner child as they interacted with cancer-affected children at a special activities class on Rose Day.

When Mallika was asked if it’s all for publicity, the actress said, “It’s about time I do something worthwhile. And before you say I’ve come here for publicity, I’m telling you that this cause should get publicity.”

And there was certainly no lack of publicity given all the media presence.

Mallika says " Cancer association asked me to come, I thought someone took me seriously , so i landed here. " She adds " Children in India should get basic health care and education , It is their right".

And she asks media if they misses her , Evrybody cheers says alot.

Thats the mallika. We miss u darling.

Watch the video here:


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