Thursday, April 26, 2007

"Mallika sherawat" - Highest paid Star

Great scripts or obscene amounts of money' are the two things that attract super-hottie Mallika Sherawat, according to the Mirror.

She has achieved a sort of coup by demanding - getting - the unbelievable amount of Rs.1.5 crore for a ten-minute cameo role in Himesh Reshammiya's film Aap Ka Suroor.

This, say reports, can only be compared to Marlon Brando's coup when he was paid $14 million for a ten-minute appearance in Superman in 1978!

Known for her sizzling dance numbers in films and private parties, Mallika has cleverly built herself into a pricey brand and charges Rs.15 to 20 lakhs even to inaugurate an event.

"She is one of the most expensive stars even for cutting ribbons or guest appearances at events. She demands the highest fee among all stars. Her fee for Aap Ka Suroor has made her the highest paid star with the rate of Rs.10.5 lakh per minute!"


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