Wednesday, April 25, 2007

"I enjoy my single status " - Mallika Sherawat

Her sexy latke jhatke has made her the girl-wanted-at-next-door.

But as far as her dream man is concerned, he still remains undisclosed. Ask the lady if she really is single, she replies: "At present, I have millions of male fans, who love to see me single. If I get married today, what will happen to them? They will feel heartbroken."

"I want to rule their hearts as long as I can. They love me and let their imagination run riot when they think about me. I don''t want to spoil their fantasies and imaginations. I enjoy my single status when I realise that these millions of male fans are ready to lay their heart for me."

"There have been times when fans have gone crazy and created problems for me but besides that I have a huge gathering of decent male fans both in India and abroad. I really feel for them and I want to tell them that I am not going to get married so soon. So they don''t have to worry and lose hope."

But there is another reason that restrains Mallika from getting married. "My prospective groom will have to bear my idiosyncrasies and highhandedness. Sometimes I feel bad about my behaviour but I can''t help it."

She adds: "I can''t change myself. So, If I get married to someone, I will feel sorry for him. At least I don''t have any regrets of torturing anyone.


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