Friday, March 23, 2007

Unveiled : Silenced by tradition.. Deadly by force

Mallika will elevate the film to a different level: Bill Bannerman

What made you sign on an Asian actress for a Hollywood film?

“We wanted to ensure one hundred percent authenticity to the film, and since it is a multi-country film, we decided we wanted an Asian actress to do the lead role of a Muslim girl. Such casting ensures that a story is truthfully told according to the script.”

what do you think of Mallika’s acting prowess?

“I wanted passion in my actor, a passion that will show on screen. It is difficult to find a Hollywood actor who can do that. After Mallika’s screen test, I know she can do full justice to the role. Mallika, I am sure, will elevate the film to a different level, just as we see well known Hollywood actors taking their films to a different level altogether.”

Have you seen any of Mallika’s films?

“I have seen ‘Murder’ and that film perhaps comes closest to the concept of ‘Unveiled’. It’s different, but quite close to what we have in mind.”

What does the film’s tag-line ‘Silenced by tradition… deadly by force’ mean?

“I have used the tag line ‘Silenced by tradition… deadly by force’ because this is the story of a
woman who uses her faculties to survive in a world which is out to get her. She comes in conflict with a couple of Americans but she stands her ground. Mallika has all the qualities we required for the role, all the requisites that an American actress could have.”


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