Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Buzz: Mallika in Raaz-2..?

There is a rumour in film circles that Mallika replaced Bipasha in Raaz sequel.
It is yet to confirm by both ends. Already there were rumours that Mallika rejected a film with Anilkapoor. She doesnt want simple heroine roles. She want challenging roles where she will be the main cast. Does Raaj-2 fell into this category..?

After succesfully getting a hollywood film offer, It is Mallika's choice that she would do this film.
Whether Mallika finds interesting or not, we have to wait and see.

Mallika already replaced Bipasha as sex goddess of Indian Cinema.
Although she acted in very few films compared to Bipasha, her popularity grew whether she is in limelight or hiding.
Now her waiting came to an end. She got what she wanted and entire bollywood is looking towards mallika with exciting eyes.


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